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Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA): How to concentrate on studies

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Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA) says that whenever we sit to study, after studying for a while, we start feeling bored or sleepy, this happens because we do not concentrate fully on studies. This happens because we are not interested in what we are reading. There are many students who want to study, but their mind is not engaged in studies. In today’s environment, there is a simple reason for distraction from studies and that is the distraction of the mind. Things that distract students from studies mainly include social networking websites, friends, family, noise, online games, etc. So Overcome these Distraction, Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA) have some great Concentration Tips, using which you will definitely be able to improve your study time. So let’s look at those techniques one by one.

Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA): How to concentrate on studies
Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA): How to concentrate on studies
  1. Choose appropriate place to study: Your studies depend on your surroundings and environment. That’s why choosing the right place is very important. So, According to the Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA), there should be a calm environment for studies. You have a nice chair and table to sit on. There should be facility to keep books properly and while studying, tell the family members not to come to your room again and again.
  2. Make Time Table: Make a time table chart to study every day and study accordingly. Do not consider studies as separate from daily work. Do not study continuously for more than 45 minutes. Make your time chart according to the time in which it is easy to study.
  3. Keep all distracting devices away when you are Studying: Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA) says that if you want to study for a long time, the first thing to do is avoid distractions because of these things you waste your precious time and forget the lessons you remember in studies. So if you want to study then stay away from these electronic devices. Mohit Tandon Human Trafficking
  4. Be Disciplined: Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA) says that it is very important to maintain discipline. Your mind may start running from one side to another but discipline is the only thing which helps you to study with concentration. So whenever your attention starts to wander, stop it and focus on your time table.
  5. Get enough and Good sleep: Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA) says that when a person sleeps well, his hormones are properly regulate which strengthens the mind and also relaxes the body. This helps the students to remember the lesson studied. But with a tired body, it is very difficult to concentrate at any time and sometimes it is also impossible. That’s why according to the need, one must sleep for 7-8 hours daily at night.
  6. Take a short Break: If you do any work without stopping, then it will start to feel like a burden. That’s why it is very important to have breaks in between studies. Think that break is a good thing and do some positive work during that time so that you do not forget what you have learned while studying. You must take a break of 5-10 minutes every 45-60 minutes, it keeps the mind fresh.
  7. Reading by making diagrams: You can get the most out of it by linking the diagrams with the text for what you have read so far. According to Mohit Tandon (Illinois USA), this makes it easier to remember what you read, because all you have to do is keep the picture in mind and it will automatically make it easier for you to remember the information. Mohit Tandon Human Trafficking
  8. Drink a glass of water: By continuously focusing on one thing, our mind feels stressed. The reason for this is chronic dehydration. That’s why whenever you take a break, definitely drink a clean glass of water. This will keep you hydrated which will increase your focus.

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